Double Trouble – Hawkesbury Pet Photographer

Double Trouble – Hawkesbury Pet Photographer

Double Trouble in the Hawkesbury:

I recently met up with Marcia from Pawsonality, to photograph her two awesome dogs at her home.

When you are a dog guardian, you know your dog inside and out – you know each and every little expression they use, the nuances of their body language, and every little quirk they have. Sometimes, they don’t show their full personality or the entire range of quirks to a complete stranger, especially one who wants to stick a big fat camera in their face. We, therefore, spent some quality time together so that I could get to know the dogs, and of course, so they could get used to me. Dogs that are happy and relaxed are more likely to freely express themselves and show all their quirks.

I absolutely loved getting to know Roxy and Winston and watching them open up to me. It was a joy to be able to capture a range of expression – serious, happy, goofy, cheeky, handsome, regal, as well as the personal details that Marcia loves about her dogs – Roxy’s forehead wrinkles, Winston’s uneven ears.

This is why I adore my job!! I provide joy to pet guardians, capturing the uniqueness of each pet and providing memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out a small selection of images from Roxy and Winston’s session below…


If you would like to book a photo session for your pets, please get in touch with me and we can chat about all your options. In the meantime, enjoy your pets, love them, and appreciate all their weird little quirks.

#WDPets Campaign

I was recently commissioned, along with some of Australia’s most talented photographers, to be part of a campaign to raise awareness for pet adoption and rescue groups.

Working with Western Digital and Rescue Groups throughout Australia, myself and the other commissioned photographers aim to shine a light on all the wonderful animals that are currently waiting for their new and forever homes.

By sending professional photographers into the shelters, each armed with a donated Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro, we were able to capture gorgeous and happy photographs of these animals, which will greatly improve their chances of adoption.

This campaign is gaining traction on social media, with folks sharing images using the hashtag #WDPets.
Even photographic magazines and online forums are picking it up and running articles. This is FANTASTIC, as it will raise much needed awareness.

Check out the following links:

Myself and my partner have adopted 4 rescue animals so far (2 dogs and 2 cats), so we certainly understand the immense joy that comes from adopting rescues. Truth be told, I had to stop myself from attempting to smuggle out a couple of these cuties during our session.

Please check out these gorgeous guys, and contact the Animal Welfare League Ingleside for more details.

And remember #adoptdontshop #WDPets

Here are some of the animals that were available for adoption during the #WDPets campaign…

Summer Pet Photo shoot with 2 gorgeous rescues

Summer Pet Photo shoot with 2 gorgeous rescues

My first Pet Photography shoot of SUMMER!!

I absolutely loved meeting these guys!
Maggie is a little pocket rocket, being a Foxie cross she was just go-go-go the whole session, while Monty, who is an older Westie cross, was much more mellow and laid back. They make such a wonderful family, as you’ll see from the selection sneak peek photos here.

I always watch the animals that I’m shooting, and get to know them during our session, so that I can showcase different sides of their personalities, whether that be boisterous, fun, nutty, smoochy, wise, mellow or just plain old cheeky!

Each and every session is so much fun… just take a look at these images!


If you’d like to chat about booking a Pet Photography session for your pets, contact me now.

SPRING special…

SPRING special…

So, for the very first time ever, I’ve decided to offer a SPECIAL.
The reason is quite simply the fact that I am enjoying the start of SPRING so much and would love to celebrate SPRING with you and your amazing pets!

You can check out the offer over on my specials page, but briefly, it’s a $50 discount off the ULTIMATE session fee, PLUS a $50 credit towards your product package. Isn’t that AWESOME?

So if you’ve ever been thinking about capturing your precious pets for a lifetime of memories, now is the perfect opportunity. Contact me now to book your session.

Just prior to the start of SPRING, I had a wonderful photo session with two adorable dogs; Melinda, a 2-year-old Cavoodle and Trevor, a 12-year-old Dachshund.
Trevor being a Dachshund, he was a little uncertain of me, to begin with, and dachies being dachies, he barked for about 80% of the session. But, as you can see from the end result, dogs who are incredibly talkative, or even who aren’t obedience trained (a common worry for a lot of folks), are still able to have a photo session. These images are just adorable, and capture the personalities of each of the dogs…


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