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About - Ruff 'n' Stuff Pet Photography

About Helen

Hey there! I’m Helen and I’m an award-winning natural light pet photographer, based in Shell Cove, but I work all over Sydney and the South Coast of NSW. I recently moved to the lovely coastal town of Shell Cove with my two rescue cats, my adorable Papillon Baxter, and my amazing partner, Lofty.

My favourite things in the world are chilling out with my partner and my pets, and of course, coffee…. LOTS of coffee. When I’m not shooting you’ll find me walking Baxter, at the local beach, out photographing local beachscapes, or curled up on the sofa. I simply couldn’t live without my friends and family, music, and my animals. I spend a lot of time out taking photos and nothing makes me happier than spending time and laughing with my friends.

I got into pet photography after becoming a certified dog trainer. I just love capturing all the wonderful and silly moments for my clients, and the best thing about being a pet photographer is that I get to capture beautiful memories and enjoy my clients’ reactions when they first see their finished photos.

Few things are more rewarding than giving animals lovers memories of their beloved pets.

As a pet photographer, I love shooting everything from fluffy kittens or huge dogs to your feathered friends. It could be photos of your puppy or kitten before they grow up, or photos of your beloved pet later in their life to capture memories.

If you’re looking for a pet photographer who has experience in animal behaviour, has the ability to connect with all animals, and can capture your pet’s awesomeness, then stop searching, as that’s what I do!

Helen Trenerry & Oscar at Bombo by Jo Lyons Photography

Images of Oscar and myself by Jo Lyons Photography, after his lymphoma diagnosis.



While the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) unfortunately closed its doors after 75 years of representing Australian Photographers in 2021, I was very happy to achieve my ASSOCIATE level accreditation.

This may not mean a lot to the layperson, but it means proving consistent high-quality and professional work, proving previous satisfied clients, having a portfolio assessed by the industry experts, and complying with all legal, ethical and moral business requirements to practice as a professional in Australia. There was also a professional code of practice, which basically means I’m not going to mislead you in any way, rip you off, or pressure you with any hard sells. And hey, that’s just not me anyway…

So while the AIPP may not be around any longer, I still believe in these principles, so I like to show the logo, and the badges for the award-winning images I produced throughout my time with the AIPP, to show that you are in good hands.

AIPP Award Stamps

I’m an Artist Member of HeARTs Speak (Artists Helping Animals).

Hearts Speak is a nationally recognised non-profit organisation that’s uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals.

I am also a member of the Joy Session Network.

These Ruff ‘n’ Stuff Pet Photography ‘Golden Sessions’ are dedicated to terminally ill or elderly pets. They require a special gentleness and empathy throughout the entire process.

Saying goodbye to a beloved family member is one of THE hardest things to, it’s scary, it’s confusing, and it bloody well sucks!

I’ve been through it with our beautiful girl Bella, and now Oscar, and am so very thankful to have gorgeous images and beautiful artwork to remember them by.

If you are interested in a ‘Golden Session’ for your own pet, please contact me now, and I’ll fit you in…

Meet the team and my inspiration

The Newest Addition – BAXTER

After the loss of Oscar, we took our time before getting another dog… lots of time!

We had had FOUR rescues, so we decided to research and research and research healthy small dog breeds and breeders, and we welcomed the most adorable puppy Papillon into our lives in April 2021.

I think he’s already making quite the model 🙂

Baxter the Papillon Puppy


The beautiful girl who stole my heart at first sight! My soul-dog! Miss Fluffy-pants, Prancy-pants, Floofy-bum, Fluffernut. Why is that our pets end up with so many nicknames?

I first met Bella while I was studying for my Dog Training and Behaviour Certification through NDTF. She was staying at the boarding kennels where I was doing my practical training and assessments, waiting to find her new guardians.

Well, she chose me and she taught me… boy, did she teach me!!! She was a Koolie-Belgian Shepherd-Husky cross, and smart…. waaaaay smarter than me!

She was such a happy girl, and loved everyone and everything… except being left alone. Along with Bella’s joy for life and an unending ability to get smooches wherever she went, came a major case of separation anxiety. She would bark and howl and whine and whimper if left alone for any length of time, she really just wanted to be around people all the time.

Well, my partner and I managed to do A LOT of work with Bella to increase her confidence and make her comfortable being alone, and she then progressed in leaps and bounds.

She was such a precious girl and we shared some amazing memories together. RIP my beautiful fuffy-girl, thank you for being my muse!


UPDATE: RIP my little shadow, you fought lyphoma for 7 months longer than we all thought – Thank You!!

Oscar-pants, Scruffy-butt, Scruffernut, Oscar McDoofus Head… you get the idea!

Oscar goes by many names, the most common being Doofus, as sometimes he seems just a little special, you know, one sandwich sort of a picnic.

Anyway, he’s a special little dude who came to us when we were looking for a companion for our gorgeous girl Bella, above.

He’s a rescue dog, and came out of the Northern Territory. Because of his bad breeding, he has had a raft of surgeries, and has recently been diagnosed with IMPA (immune mediated poly-arthritis), along with IBD (irritable bowel disease), both of which have slowed his usual Jack Russellness down a little.

He still however, manages to keep us amused every… single… day…!


Pud, Pudness, Pudness-pants, Ratbag, Her Royal Highness… I mean, seriously, just look at her!

Another rescue, but this time not from a rescue group… I found Pud one day asleep in our chookyard when I went to put them away for the night, no fuss, she wasn’t interested in them at all. I said HELLO, she climbed into my lap and had a snuggle, then I got up and wished her well on her journey in life.

Apparently, she had other plans and reckoned that she had found an alright house. She ‘sung the song of her people’ under our bedroom window all night long.

Next morning, she was still there… even though we had two doofus dogs who were most interested in her. We took her off to our local vets to get her microchip details checked, but unfortunately, they were not current. We put posters up everywhere, left them at vets and did everything we could to find her guardians. We couldn’t, and weeks later, she came back with us and settled into our home.

We are not sure why Pud chose us, but we’re sure glad she did!


Chili-pants, Fluffy-bum, Fluffy-pants, Gorgeous Girl. The model in our fur-family.

By the way, have you noticed that everyone in our house wears pants…?

We found Chili online through a rescue group, she and her siblings had been dumped. People can be such arseholes!

Anyway, I had actually gone to met Chili’s sister, who was the one advertised, but then when I got there, Chili made a beeline straight for me, pushing her siblings out the way, and proceeded to climb up into my lap, started kneading and meowing, and then promptly snuggled in for about an hour…

Well, who was I to argue with that? I knew she had chosen me (as they always do), and the decision was made.

The rescue group had to keep her another week to ensure she was healthy enough, and when my partner and I went back to pick her up, she proceeded to choose my partner, by climbing up onto his shoulder while we finalised all the paperwork.

She came home with us and then proceeded to turn the household upside-down. We haven’t looked back…

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