So, for the very first time ever, I’ve decided to offer a SPECIAL.
The reason is quite simply the fact that I am enjoying the start of SPRING so much and would love to celebrate SPRING with you and your amazing pets!

You can check out the offer over on my specials page, but briefly, it’s a $50 discount off the ULTIMATE session fee, PLUS a $50 credit towards your product package. Isn’t that AWESOME?

So if you’ve ever been thinking about capturing your precious pets for a lifetime of memories, now is the perfect opportunity. Contact me now to book your session.

Just prior to the start of SPRING, I had a wonderful photo session with two adorable dogs; Melinda, a 2-year-old Cavoodle and Trevor, a 12-year-old Dachshund.
Trevor being a Dachshund, he was a little uncertain of me, to begin with, and dachies being dachies, he barked for about 80% of the session. But, as you can see from the end result, dogs who are incredibly talkative, or even who aren’t obedience trained (a common worry for a lot of folks), are still able to have a photo session. These images are just adorable, and capture the personalities of each of the dogs…


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