The True Value of Prints

The True Value of Prints


Have you ever gone to show someone that one photo you were really proud of, only to find that it was on your old phone… you know, the one you dropped and got smashed and didn’t have backed up?  Oh the horror!!!

Or, are you as old as me, and remember when floppy disks were the things that we used to store our data on? or even CDs or DVDs, before USBs….? I know many folks who have numerous USBs rattling around their drawers with no idea as to what’s on which one.

Technology is becoming redundant so quickly, we simply don’t know HOW we are going to be storing our data and all our beautiful precious memories in the future.

I grew up in a family of film photographers. My Grandfather had his own dark room and was heavily involved in Camera Clubs, and in turn my Father, and later, my Mother was drawn to the “dark-side” (yes, pun intended!).

Growing up surrounded by physical photos and large prints on the walls as reminders of family holidays, along with albums of special events, it was just so special. Each and every image said “I existed, I had a story, I was here…”

As a child though, I was not allowed to have a dog, so when my partner and I had the opportunity to rescue our first dog, Bella, we jumped at the chance (see the about page for more about Bella – my heart dog). Bella became my muse, my first photographic star. I’m so very thankful I have gorgeous prints of her, as unfortunately, she was not a very healthy dog at all.

This is why I am so very passionate about printing your images, we love our pets with our whole hearts and they simply don’t stay long enough.

“If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left”  – Missy Mwac


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