Top Pet Photo Tips You Can Use at Home

Top Pet Photo Tips You Can Use at Home

Do you struggle to take good photos of your pets at home? I was honoured to be contacted recently by BUPA Insurance to be one of the featured photographers for their article “Top Pet Photographers Share Their Secrets” on their BUPA Pet Insurance website.

Over the years, I’ve found a few tricks to help. Capturing your pet’s attention can sometimes be quite hard. I find treats and favourite toys always help, and then there’s always silly noises, like squeaking, chirping, and meowing.

Those who know me and my photographic style, know I love to capture the little details like the curl of a tail, the whiskers of a cat, or a single paw. These are all things that are very personal to your pet and make great stand-alone shots.

I also like to get down at their level, so lay on the ground and get eye to eye with them, like the below image of my beautiful cat, Pud, taken at home with natural light through a window.

To check out all the tips from the BUPA Pet Insurance feature article, head over to “Top Pet Photographers Share Their Secrets“.

Until next time, keep it fun and happy shooting!

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