Every day of every week, there are a plethora of competitions to enter, or places where photographers can submit images to be critiqued. We do this to improve our work, to compare ourselves against others… For me it’s also to compare myself against myself. That may sound strange, but everything is a learning process, and over time we improve and hone our skills. Logically, if your photos aren’t being “recognised” at first, you have to look at why… is the composition terrible? did you miss the exposure? were you too heavy-handed in the editing?

There is a global resource for Pet Photographers run by Nicole Begley called Hair of the Dog, and each week she runs a “Top Ten” competition based on a certain theme, and each photographer gets to enter only 2 images.

I’ve been entering each week for months, against some FANTASTIC Pet Photographers from around the World, and then analysing my images against the chosen images, and looking at ways that I can improve them.

So, finally, one of my images made it into the Top Ten, with that week’s theme of TAILS. I’m so pleased, and as you’ll see when you click on the following link, there was some seriously tough competition!! Please head on over to the Top Ten on Hair of the Dog, and check out all of the Top Ten images.

Until next time, here is my entry that made it into the Top Ten – Oscar’s scruffy little tail


© Helen Trenerry | Ruff ‘n’ Stuff Pet Photography | Sydney Dog Photographer

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