2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs

We all know 2020 has been a super tough year, but honestly, the BEST thing to come out of this year has been the fact that most of us have spent A LOT more time with our pets.  I’m sure all our dogs thought that all their Christmas’s came at once!

This year, I’ve showcased a selection of gifts for your special pooch ranging from fantastic budget friendly training APPs, to high-class dog carriers. There are treats, toys, leads, bandanas and more, so there’s something for everyone. Happy Holidays!
Remember to check delivery times if ordering online.

Ruff 'n' Stuff Pet Photography 2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Dogs


  1. Your pup will be the most stylish one on Christmas day with this classic red tartan bandana – Peter Alexander Christmas Tartan Bandana
  2. Naughty or nice, even your furry friend deserves a plush toy – Dogue Christmas Dinosaur Plush Soft Toy – Merry Rexmas
  3. Christmas cookies made especially for your dog using real Australian natural human-grade ingredients – Jollie Gourmet Dog Treats – Turkey & Cranberry Cookies
  4. If you are more of a baker, there are more than 70 healthy recipes by the Pet Lifestyle expert behind “Pretty Fluffy” – Healthy Homemade Dog Treats Recipe Book by Serene Faber-Nelson
  5. Get a personalised and quirky touch for your dog’s collar with customised ID tags – Waggie Tags Custom Hand Stamped Dog ID Tags
  6. Enjoy more playtime with your dog with a handmade tug toy made with the highest quality Australian sheepskin by local Business Wildhunde – Zoom & Chase Sheepskin Tug
  7. The perfect ball for hardcore destructive dogs – Aussie Dog Enduro Ball – Medium
  8. If your dog chews through everything in sight, get your hands on the KONG Extreme – For powerful chewers
  9. Is your dog too smart for their own good? Help them to exercise their mind – Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Treat Puzzle
  10. I think this is one of the best harnesses on the market, super tough and durable and the handle on top allows for easy lifting scrambling over rocks or getting into cars – Ruffwear Web Master Harness
  11. If your dog can’t be trusted off lead yet, then you need a long line to help you with your recall training – Wildhunde – Biothane Long Line 10m
  12. Short training lead, handy to have in the tool box – WOLF & I CO. Training Lead
  13. We know that humans have to have a life-vest on when out on the water, but what about our furry friends? EzyDog DFD Micro Life Vest for Small Dogs
  14. THE best carrier your pup can have – simply stylish… enough said – Cloud7 Dog Bag Como Heather Brown
  15. We all know a clean dog is good dog, get them smelling beautiful with FuzzYard’s Dog Grooming Products
  16. Beautiful ceramic bowls that will look good in any house – Mog & Bone Ceramic Bowls
  17. The new craze – Snooza Calming Dog Beds
  18. Who’s the goodest boy? We all know that puppy schools are a necessity, but what do we do to prepare before we get our puppy? And then what do we do when they come home but before puppy school starts? Set your puppy up for success – Amy’s PRE Puppy Training Course (Surviving the Early Days)
  19. Train your dog to be more comfortable to the sounds that have potential to be scary – Sound Proof Puppy Training APP
  20. Our dogs are never here with us for as long as we would like them to be. Have you always dreamed of having professional photos taken of your dog and displayed with custom artwork in your home? – Ruff ‘n’ Stuff Pet Photography Christmas Special Gift Voucher



Enjoy your holidays, however you choose to spend them. Keep your loved ones close and celebrate your furry friends every minute of every day because we never know how long they are here for.

If you’d like to book a session in the New Year, bookings are now open with me, your Wollongong and South Coast Pet Photographer, and you can now book online.

Take care everyone and stay safe!

Pet Photography and COVID-19

Pet Photography and COVID-19

So, it appears that the world has indeed changed. Unless you are deemed an essential business or worker, we are essentially still in lockdown due to the pandemic that is raging around the world.

While the full-on lockdown has started to be lifted and smaller freedoms are returning, as someone who lives with an autoimmune disease, I am not taking any chances, and at this stage, I am still not currently taking any photo session bookings, or doing any home studio viewings. Thanks for your understanding, and we must be strong together for a while longer… but at home  😉

I must point out the biggest positive – our fur family now have us at home – they must be soooo happy!! Well, except for the cats that is 😉

We are all feeling the effects of this situation, from the lack of freedom with the restrictions in place, and the financial impact, through to the heavy emotional turmoil that it creates. We all need to be kind to each other, be gentle in our actions and thoughts. Also, remembering that our pets pick up on our vibes. I love the fact that we are now able to chill out with our pets at home, without feeling guilty.

I’m an introvert, so I’m okay with being in lockdown, but I’m also an empath, so I’m feeeeeling everything that’s going on, whether I want to or not. We can get through this… we have different coping methods… for me, it’s tea, photography (yes, even just around my garden – check out my other Instagram account), furry cuddles, more tea, baths with candles, standing on the grass with bare feet feeling the sun on my face, even more tea, the couch, Netflix, and then some tea.


Here are some ideas for you, if you would like to support my small business while we are still in lockdown:

  • Purchase a gift voucher, either for yourself to use at a later date or as a gift for a friend or relative. They are valid for three years, so there’ll be ample time to organise a photo session. See my current COVID-19 promotion for gift vouchers. (NEW – these are also now available to purchase ONLINE)
    What a great way to celebrate the end of isolation!!
  • Leave a review for my business at one (or more) of the following locations, this greatly helps folks when they are trying to choose their photographer, I’d truly appreciate it:  Google Review, Facebook Recommendation, Find a Photographer
  • I’d love to see YOUR photos of the products that you have received from me and how you show off your beautiful images in your home. You can either share them on instagram and tag me (@ruffnstuffpetphotography #ruffnstuffcrew), or email them to me directly.
  • Is there a favourite image of yours that I took during our session that you didn’t get as a print? Perhaps now is the time to revisit your product selection. I am currently offering 15% off my fine art products during COVID-19. Contact me now to discuss your options.
  • If you would like to book a photo session, I am starting a waitlist for when spots open up again, and by paying a retainer fee you secure your place on the priority waitlist. Contact me now to join the waitlist and pay a retainer.
  • Purchase a set of fine art gift cards, a small fine art print, a large fine art print, or even a framed piece of fine art from my non-pet website (pricing from $60) – COMING VERY SOON.
Helen Trenerry Photographer - AGAVE

I’d also love to know how you’re faring, both physically and emotionally. The current environment is a big load for us all to carry.
Please reach out and we can chat… about anything.

Please stay home and stay healthy, snuggle your pets, and stay in touch.


Your Dog has Cancer

Your Dog has Cancer

The words you never want to hear

“Your Dog has Cancer. Lymphoma to be precise.”

My world fell apart!! What do I do? Where do I start? My soul-dog was just diagnosed with a TERMINAL cancer, and I was scared shitless…

When you first start to research a topic like canine lymphoma, you discover that there is soooooo much information out there. Waaaaaay too much information! Where the heck do you start…? It’s all so confusing.

WARNING – long post


The Beginning

But first, let me go back to the beginning of HOW we found out he had lymphoma.

During 2018, Oscar got quite sick and was diagnosed by the team at SASH in Sydney with IMPA (Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis), along with IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). Since then, Oscar has been on a homemade diet, various supplements, along with regular acupuncture sessions with Rae from Acupet, in conjunction with his vet prescribed corticosteroid, Prednisolone, and Vitamin B12 injections.

To say that I keep a very close eye on Oscar is an understatement. We are very in tune with each other. So when Oscar started seeming just a little “off”, I thought it was time for a check-in with his specialist, Dr Phil Brain from SASH to make sure that his IMPA was behaving. During this check-up, Dr Phil found a teeny tiny lump on Oscar’s rear leg. The wisest thing to do was to get a fine needle aspiration of the lump for testing, we also opted to increase his Prednisolone for a week to attempt to shrink the possible inflammation in the lump, and reassess at the end of the week.


Negative Results

The results of the test came back NEGATIVE – thank god, it’s not cancer!!!! Okay, onto the next course of treatment then.

During that week, the lump had not reduced in size AS IT SHOULD HAVE. The next “usual” step would have been to put Oscar onto anti-biotics. The logic being that the lump came from some sort of infection… where? no idea! The anti-biotics however, were likely to disrupt his immune system, which would not have been ideal.

We were then left with a choice of biopsying the lump (which we now knew was his lymph node), or to remove it. This was a tough one and most folks would go for the biopsy, as it is faaaaaaar cheaper and less invasive. However, I had a niggly feeling in my gut that this was NOT the right choice. I was vaguely remembering something I had read somewhere at sometime that when it comes to cancerous cells (yes, I know, the lump had already been cleared of cancer), it’s better to keep the lymph node whole and remove it entirely, rather than cut into it and take a slice out, potentially spilling cancerous cells that will then spread throughout the body. Hey, I know, it may seem extreme, but this was where my head was at.

So, we opted for the waaaaaay more expensive option and had the entire lymph node removed, and then sent off for testing. I felt so much better when it was out.


Not so Negative – Canine Lymphoma

The next day we got the phone call with the preliminary results. “Helen, I am so sorry, The test results are POSTIVE for Lymphoma. We have more tests to do to confirm which type. Can you come for an Oncology appointment tomorrow to discuss options?”

How was this possible….? The needle aspiration was NEGATIVE…

All I could think was “thank god, I trusted my gut, at least the lymph node is out, perhaps now we have a chance.”

Before the Oncology appointment the next day, I set to googling all I could to ready myself…. well holy crap, did my brain almost explode!!

There’s so much information on the internet. So much good stuff, and so much very very very bad stuff. It’s exhausting trying to mull through all of it.



We attended the Oncology appointment with our brains ready to explode and our eyes overflowing with tears.

I had been reading and reading and reading and reading the night before… and it was all pretty shitty! We were prepared for the worst and expected the worst, and given Oscar’s current health conditions, it wasn’t looking great.

The lovely oncologist was gentle and understanding as she delivered the final results. Oscar’s diagnosis was “stage 1 intermediate B cell lymphoma”.

WOW! From what I had read, most dogs were diagnosed at stage 4 or 5, which means ALL of their lymph nodes are involved and tumours are in other organs. This wasn’t the case with Oscar – perhaps there was hope after all…?

Then she explained that Oscar had some things going against him if we were to choose to go ahead with chemotherapy.

1) He was already on prednisolone when he developed lymphoma, and since prednisolone is part of the chemo treatment, the cancer would likely be more resistant to the chemo meds. Also, if he did respond, he may not respond for as long.

2) Oscar showed early signs of kidney disease, which means the chemo meds may further impact his kidney function.

3) Since Oscar’s affected lymph node was removed, he would be harder to “monitor” for remission.

4) With his IBD making his gut overly sensitive, he may not be able to tolerate the side effects of the chemo meds.

Poor Oscar! He’s already been through so much. How much more could be possibly deal with?


“The” Decision

How do you make “the” decision? Chemo or no chemo?

OR… Kill your dog with drugs and side effects, or let your dog die…? That’s what the decision felt like at the time.

The facts, or at least the “averages”:

  • Depending on where you get your numbers, 1 in 3 dogs will get cancer, and 1 in 2 over the age of 10 will die from it – that is STAGGERING!!
  • WITH FULL CHEMO, the “average” survival time is around 12 months
  • WITHOUT CHEMO, the “average” survival time is around 1-2 months – whaaaaat?
  • While the oncologists say that 80-90% of patients with lymphoma will go into complete remission with chemotherapy, remission does not last and occasionally several rounds of chemo may be required. See point 2…
  • A full round of chemo is around 6 months long. See point 2…
  • When it comes to canine lymphoma, it is terminal, it will kill your dog, it’s just a matter of time.

OUCH! Dog cancer SUCKS!!

Bear in mind that these are the averages, some dogs are “stayers” and others, not so much… When you go looking, you’ll find extraordinary stories of miraculous dogs who outlive their prognosis by many years and also stories that will rip your heart out.

Oscar had already been through so much, he has immune system issues, serious gut issues and the start of kidney disease. We decided that we couldn’t ask Oscar to go through anymore for us… we thought if we put him through chemo it would only be for us, not for him. It was a very hard and tough decision as we weren’t ready to let him go yet, and we’d been advised (based on the “averages”) he’d be probably be gone in 1-2 months without chemo.


Research and more research

and trust your gut…

I kept reading and researching, joining Facebook groups, reading comments by morons, laughing at idiotic opinions, and crying at gut-wrenching stories.

It was exhausting!

While most people will simply say “trust your vet”, or something similar, I have learned many times to trust my own gut. I don’t always agree with my vet, and my vet does not always agree with me… and that’s okay! I value their opinion, but I do believe that they have gaps in their knowledge and they often do not have a holistic or “functional” approach to my dog’s health.

I am my dog’s best advocate, so I will try to do my best to heal my dog as a whole being.

Resources that I have found useful in different ways:

Dog Cancer Survival Guide – A “Full-spectrum” approach to dog cancer care, a book written by Dr Dressler & Dr Ettinger. This covers traditional treatments for various cancers, supplements, diet, plus also mindset for YOU as the dog owner. I would consider this a great starting point. Note – he does push his own supplements, however, there’s a lot of great information nonetheless.

K9 Health Support – An Australian-based website providing research, products and information regarding dog cancer. Some supplements mentioned in the book above (which is US based) can be purchased here.

Greenpet Animal Naturopathy – An Australian-based online company providing natural therapies and products. You can also “ask their naturopath”.

Dogs Naturally Magazine – Articles on nutrition, health, natural remedies from Holistic Vets and Dog Professionals.

Planet Paws – Pet Health and Tips, and Recipes for longevity.

The Dog Cancer Series – Ground Breaking research from oncologists, cancer researchers and vets.


Dog Cancer Diet

We have always fed Oscar a RAW diet, believing it to be the most natural and most nutritious diet for him. However, with his gut issues, we have found that we have had to adapt to what his gut can deal with, and at the moment, that is a home-cooked diet.

When he was really struggling last year, we had a lot of trouble settling his gut issues. We went to single protein diets, we even gave into the Vet’s suggestion and trialled a hydrolysed protein kibble, which just made it even worse.

We ended up opting for a food sensitivity test from the US called Nutriscan. This tested over 100 ingredients and his reaction to them. From the results of this test, we were able to select the least reactive protein for him and remove everything else.

Oscar now gets a meal based on human-grade grass-fed beef mince, slowly cooked with liver and kidney. He also gets vegetables such as steamed broccoli blitzed with baby spinach and red capsicum. To this meal base, he also gets garlic (do not tell me a small amount is poisonous), ginger, coconut oil, turmeric paste, bone broth, blueberries, parsley and cottage cheese.

We tried goat’s milk kefir, but Oscar’s gut wasn’t very happy with that. Everything is trial and error, and we had to introduce things one by one and very slowly.



  • Probiotic
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Luteolin
  • Krill Oil
  • Milk Thistle (Silymarin)
  • Mushroom Complex
  • Artemisinin
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D

CANNABIS (CBD & THC) for Dog Cancer

Stay with me here…!

Do I mean that Oscar is kicking back on the couch smoking a doobie and getting high as a kite? No, I mean he gets full-spectrum organic cannabis oil that has medicinal benefits for him.

Cannabis contains a number of different chemicals, including cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), phytocannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids. Both humans and dogs have specific cannabinoid receptor sites., which are primarily in the brain and central nervous system, and in peripheral organs, especially immune cells. They make up what’s called the endocannabinoid system.

There are many studies that show cannabis is beneficial in both pain management as well as treating cancers, specifically in slowing the growth of cancer cells and tumours, so you know what, I’m absolutely all for it!

Again, you can get bogged down with the overload of information and MIS-information that is out there, just like there are reputable suppliers and not so reputable.

Note – when you are sourcing Cannabis oil, please ensure that you only source a truly organic product and that your supplier gets their product third party lab tested for authenticity.

Be aware, however, that in NSW Australia, Cannabis is still a “prohibited drug”, meaning it is an offence to possess, use, supply or cultivate it.



You may wonder why acupuncture, but I have found it to be an invaluable part of Oscar’s ongoing treatment plan. Rae, from Acupet, comes to us, so Oscar doesn’t get anxious about “another” clinic visit. We initially started acupuncture as a way to ease the arthritis pain that Oscar was feeling with his IMPA. Rae has also provided great nutrition advice and been a balanced holistic and philosophical ear when required.

I now believe that the symptoms of Oscar’s gut issues are being assisted, as well as his immune disorder, anxiety and overall wellbeing are all benefiting from his weekly sessions. I also believe that keeping all of his health issues “balanced” go a long way to keeping his lymphoma in check as well.


In closing, I know it’s super easy to become overwhelmed with information, and everyone will have different opinions. You have to be able to sort through it all and follow your instincts. Trust your gut, and surround yourself with a support team that you trust. I am beyond thankful for Oscar’s caregivers, for the love and advice that we both receive on an ongoing basis.

We are currently FOUR months post-diagnosis, and Oscar is showing no further signs of the lymphoma. His remaining lymph nodes have remained their normal size and they get checked at his weekly Vitamin B12 injection Vet appointment.

Some days he does get a bit more tired and wants a sleep in, or goes off his food for a little while, but we are so thankful for every day that we still have our scruffy little doofus with us.

If you’d like to discuss anything from this post with me, please feel free to reach out, I’m happy to chat.

Note – These are just my personal opinions, based on the reading that I have done so far. I am not a medical expert. Please consult with your team of pet caregivers regarding the treatment of your pets.

Top Ten Tips for Choosing your Pet Photographer

Top Ten Tips for Choosing your Pet Photographer

I get it! You’ve thought about it for ages and aaaaages!

You have THE most adorable dog IN… THE… WORLD!!! EVER!!!  Seriously!!

You really should have professional photos taken so you can brag to your friends and show off that trendy wall art of your ridiculously quirky pug’s face (you know, that she always makes when you whisper “wanna treat…?”) that hangs pride of place above your bed.

But seriously, how on earth do you choose?

Well, don’t worry, I’ve gotcha!
I’ve put together this super handy guide just for you that lays out some top tips of what you can look for to help you in your search for the perfect pet photographer (and no, it’s not always me!!).

Check their portfolio.

Do you like their images and their style? Their images should show pets that are happy and relaxed, not uncomfortable or forced.

Decide if you prefer on-location or studio portraits.

Not all pet photographers offer both, so once you decide which look you prefer, that will help you narrow your search.

Find a pet photographer that has a history in animal behaviour, or has worked with pets for a long time.

It shouldn’t be just a fad to include the pet in family photos. It is actually a very special skill to work with animals properly. There can be a high level of risk involved and a good knowledge of animal behaviour is essential in preventing unfortunate incidents.

Have a conversation with them!

You need to know that you can talk to your pet photographer. Do they have a phone number? You have to “click” with them. If you are not relaxed during the photo session, your pet won’t be either.

Word of mouth is always the best recommendation.

Who have your friends used? What have past clients said?

Check their testimonials and reviews.


Look for a full-service pet photographer.

Do you want your images on a USB in your drawer that you’ll never look at, or displayed as high-quality Fine Art Photographic Products from only the best professional suppliers in Australia?

Look for Industry Accreditation and Memberships.

Every Professional Industry has a Body or Organisation that helps to keep their members at the top of their game. In Australia, that body is the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography).

Ask the hard legal questions no-one wants to ask.

Are their business insurances up-to-date?


You probably think this should be in the top three of tips, but in reality it’s not really THE deciding factor here as we all know that no-one truly “budgets” for pet photography. While we all love our pets dearly and treasure them with all our hearts, photography is a luxury item and a very emotional one at that. You will see an enormous spectrum of pricing, as well as available services and experiences. Do your research and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.

Gut Instinct!

One last word of advice and my best tip, is to go with your gut, speak with any prospective pet photographers and you will know when you “click” with each other.

That’s it! Have fun, keep it natural, and enjoy your furries, because unfortunately, they are never around long enough!

If you want a pdf version of this blog to keep, simply pop in your details below and my Top Ten Tips for Choosing Your Pet Photographer will land in your inbox. Easy peasy!! Enjoy!

And, as always, if you have any questions or would like to chat further, please contact me.

Shilo rocks Bombo – South Coast Pet Photographer

Shilo rocks Bombo – South Coast Pet Photographer

Shilo’s mum Ashleigh is simply THE best guesser in the entire world!

How do I know this? Well, she managed to WIN my guessing competition at the recent UNLEASHED Dog Event at Shell Cove, on the South Coast of NSW. She scooped herself a pet photography session with me, along with a beautiful framed canvas, which she then chose to upgrade to a Fine Art Bamboo Print Series. You can check out some of the other aaahhhhmazing products I have on offer, over on the products page.


We had soooo much fun during our photo session and I’m sure I could have kept photographing Shilo ALL day, as she was such a happy little PUPSTAR. She was eager to do pretty much anything we wanted her do, as long as we paid her with many, many, many, MANY treats!! Did I mention Shilo liked treats???


We played in the grass, walked trails, and scrambled over rocks.

Bombo is such an amazingly photogenic location, especially when you get to frollick with an awesome little dog like Shilo.

Just check out some of the different types of portraits we were able to create during her session…


If you would like to book a photo session for your dog at Bombo (do it, it’s sooooo much fun!!), please contact me.

The True Value of Prints

The True Value of Prints


Have you ever gone to show someone that one photo you were really proud of, only to find that it was on your old phone… you know, the one you dropped and got smashed and didn’t have backed up?  Oh the horror!!!

Or, are you as old as me, and remember when floppy disks were the things that we used to store our data on? or even CDs or DVDs, before USBs….? I know many folks who have numerous USBs rattling around their drawers with no idea as to what’s on which one.

Technology is becoming redundant so quickly, we simply don’t know HOW we are going to be storing our data and all our beautiful precious memories in the future.

I grew up in a family of film photographers. My Grandfather had his own dark room and was heavily involved in Camera Clubs, and in turn my Father, and later, my Mother was drawn to the “dark-side” (yes, pun intended!).

Growing up surrounded by physical photos and large prints on the walls as reminders of family holidays, along with albums of special events, it was just so special. Each and every image said “I existed, I had a story, I was here…”

As a child though, I was not allowed to have a dog, so when my partner and I had the opportunity to rescue our first dog, Bella, we jumped at the chance (see the about page for more about Bella – my heart dog). Bella became my muse, my first photographic star. I’m so very thankful I have gorgeous prints of her, as unfortunately, she was not a very healthy dog at all.

This is why I am so very passionate about printing your images, we love our pets with our whole hearts and they simply don’t stay long enough.

“If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left”  – Missy Mwac


Tempus visits Kangaroo Valley

Tempus visits Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley Pet Photography Session with Tempus –

A few months ago, I shared a post about a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy called Northern…. weeeeell, meet her beautiful sister TEMPUS. She is (was) a 16 week old Border Collie puppy at the time of our session, and we headed to the picturesque Kangaroo Valley for our shoot.

A HUGE thank you goes out to The Heavens Mountain Escape in Kangaroo Valley, they kindly supplied the perfect backdrop for Tempus’ first photo session.

Now, you may think, another puppy in such a short timeframe….?? What the heck? That’s just asking for trouble!! Well, let me set you straight, Kellie, from Totally Pawsable Dog Training, is an amazing dog trainer. She already has TWO older dogs, Southern, a 10-year-old Border Collie, and Bella, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever… you can see a breed theme happening, hey?

Kellie has done an amazing job in creating beautiful, balanced and happy dogs. They all get time together, but also time apart so they don’t become dependent on each other. Training, walking, sleeping, playing, Kellie is all over it. I’m in awe of what she has achieved with her four dogs.


Now, back to the newest addition, TEMPUS… she is just THE sweetest puppy!

Check out a selection of images from our photo session at The Heavens… I make no apologies for the number of images contained – there were soooooo many favourites!!


If you are interested in capturing your puppy in all their awesomeness before they grow up, please get in contact with me, I now do sessions around Wollongong, the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, South Coast of NSW, and more…

Get in touch and let’s chat.

Double Trouble – Hawkesbury Pet Photographer

Double Trouble – Hawkesbury Pet Photographer

Double Trouble in the Hawkesbury:

I recently met up with Marcia from Pawsonality, to photograph her two awesome dogs at her home.

When you are a dog guardian, you know your dog inside and out – you know each and every little expression they use, the nuances of their body language, and every little quirk they have. Sometimes, they don’t show their full personality or the entire range of quirks to a complete stranger, especially one who wants to stick a big fat camera in their face. We, therefore, spent some quality time together so that I could get to know the dogs, and of course, so they could get used to me. Dogs that are happy and relaxed are more likely to freely express themselves and show all their quirks.

I absolutely loved getting to know Roxy and Winston and watching them open up to me. It was a joy to be able to capture a range of expression – serious, happy, goofy, cheeky, handsome, regal, as well as the personal details that Marcia loves about her dogs – Roxy’s forehead wrinkles, Winston’s uneven ears.

This is why I adore my job!! I provide joy to pet guardians, capturing the uniqueness of each pet and providing memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out a small selection of images from Roxy and Winston’s session below…


If you would like to book a photo session for your pets, please get in touch with me and we can chat about all your options. In the meantime, enjoy your pets, love them, and appreciate all their weird little quirks.

Northern – Southern Highlands Pet Photographer

Northern – Southern Highlands Pet Photographer

Northern in the Southern Highlands:

I’ve had a lengthy hiatus from shooting due to a major relocation from Dural in the Hills District of Sydney down to the beautiful South Coast of NSW. It was a huge move for us, but one that was very overdue, and we are loving every second of being on the coast. Being on the beautiful South Coast  is a huge inspiration for me, and is proving to provide some much needed motivation.

I am also so very pleased to reconnect with old friends who have also moved away from Sydney. Recently, I had the opportunity to have an amazing photo session with Kellie from Totally Pawsable Dog Training, and her new Golden Retriever puppy, Northern. Well, what an absolute joy Nothern was. Every golden wiggly inch of her 🙂

Check out a selection of photos from her session below…



If you are interested in capturing your puppy in all their awesome goofiness before they grow up, please get in contact with me, I now do sessions around Wollongong, the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, South Coast of NSW, and more…

Get in touch and let’s chat.

Mini Session Goodness with Little Kenny

Mini Session Goodness with Little Kenny

Sometimes you meet a new dog at a new location and it takes a little time for everyone to relax and get comfortable with their surroundings.

Meet KENNY!!

He is a beautiful little Tibetan Spaniel who was a little nervous about this new location to start with. I took some time just chilling out with him on the grass, getting him used to me, and the camera gear. I always like to observe my subjects for a little while, and never force them straight into a “sit” on this, or “stand” over here.

A lot of folks worry that they don’t have “obedience” trained dogs, and that they would never sit still long enough for a good photo. Guess what? Young Kenny here is the perfect example of an untrained dog coming away with gorgeous images that capture his personality – cheeky, happy, alert and playful! What a little spunk!

error: NUP! Do not even! Content is protected!!